PHiTECH knowledge touches the high comprehensive field of bioengineering. We have been participated in bioengineering projects for EU research programs. Using powerful image processing tools through our process to visualize and segment musculoskeletal anatomies we provide high quality results according to the customer requirements.

We can create fast and accurate 3d models based on your datasets (CT images, MRI, …), suitable for further analyses as FEA and CFD.

PHiTECH provides tailored services for converting 3D images into Computer-aided Design (CAD), Computer-aided Engineering (CAE) and 3D printing models. Our pre-process studies define all critical issues and deliver important information to the final user.

We can export stl files for 3D printing and Additive Manufacturing which guarantee high quality printed models.

Our experience includes orthopaedics and dental applications.

  • CT and MRI reconstruction.
  • Rapid and accurate 3D model generation
  • Suitable files for FEA and CFD simulation
  • Data measure and analyze
  • Removal of unwanted regions
  • Export high quality STL files
  • Save time and minimize risk
  • Animation

Medical fields of implementation

  • Pre operative planning
  • 3d dummy planning models based on patient real anatomy
  • Digital model representation
  • Optimize surgery preparation (investigate hidden or difficult issues)
  • Reduce surgery time
  • Achieve better results
  • Enhance effectiveness



  • Provide accurate models for education and training
  • Examine different scenarios
  • Increase doctor skills



  • Build custom functional tools based on patient real anatomy
  • Design complex shapes using biocompatible materials

we assist doctors with innovative processes

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