Carolina I. Materials Engineer

Making a better world is a function of effort

Caroline is the newest recruitment in Phitech’s team. Right after her internship period in the company she continues contributing with her knowledge to the potential of the company.

As a materials engineer, Caroline’s field is designing the best combination of materials and processes in order to achieve the ultimate functionality of the final product, in the most cost-effective way.

During her studies she developed a special interest in bioengineering and computational modeling. As of that, she decided to further study the feasibility of applying FEA in biomedical issues and be evolved at this area.

Caroline’s top interests are in heart dynamics and orthopedic analyses, as well as in developing patient specific models in order to provide tailor-made solutions.

She is passionate about innovative research and her deep belief lies within the dedication of science for improving life’s quality.

Carolinas skills:

Materials (design/ selection/ manipulation)

Carolinas favorite moto:

Progress is about innovation

Carolinas hobbies:

Classical dance, rollers, biking

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