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Casserall cook fast, cook efficient, cook more….

Casserall is a revolutionary energy- efficient cooking vessel. The idea of casserall was conceived by the combination of two different words: casserole + all = casserall. Its innovative design along with the sophisticated materials it is made of are going declare it ,,THE KING’’ in every kitchen.

Save energy

Thanks to its innovative design, casserall succeeds in saving lots of energy during the preparation of a meal. It consists of two independent vessels: a large annular vessel and a smaller cylindrical one, which is placed inside the larger one and can be easily pulled out. This special cooking vessel provides the user the possibility to cook two different meals simultaneously. The large annular vessel is suitable for ingredients that take a long time to be cooked, while the smaller one is ideal for cooking an accompaniment (side dish). This is how casserall manages to prepare two different meals at the same time using less energy compared to the traditional cooking methods. Furthermore, it is ideal for cooking at medium/ low heat.

Hybrid materials

Casserall is an innovative product that achieves optimal energy efficiency. In conjunction with the high quality materials it is made of, it boasts an attractive design and succeeds optimal efficiency as well. Casserall is made out of a blend of aluminum and stainless steel. The large vessel is made of aluminum and is 4 mm thick; therefore it manages to spread the heat through its walls rapidly. The internal smaller one is made of stainless steel 18/10 (304) and is 0.7 mm thick. Both vessels boast a triple storage heating base made out of aluminum 3.5 to 6 mm thick; this allows the heat to be spread faster and be maintained for a longer time as well. The large vessel is perfect for healthy cooking due to its internal ceramic non-stick coating. Thus casserall consists an ecological cooking solution.

Innovative Design

The lids of this cooking vessel are also characterized by smart design. Both lids are curved shaped in order to facilitate the swirling of steams inside the vessels and minimize the cooking time as well. Moreover with the usage of ,,smart’’ lids, the placement and removal of the smaller vessel is effortless; moving the larger vessel from the energy source is not required.

Casserall is suitable for all heat sources including

induction, ceramic, electric and gas.

Cook fast, cook efficient, cook more….

  • High quality materials
  • Non stick coating without PTFE or PFOA..
  • Removable silicon handles
  • Suitable for all heat sources: induction, ceramic, electric and gas.
  • Accessories

Cook fast, cook efficient, cook more….

This extraordinary cooking vessel comes out in a variety of modern, lively colors.

Casserall not only offers the user the possibility to switch the vessels whenever needed but he can also add anytime another ingredient to the meal if so wished. The ,,smart’’ lid is called so for two reasons. Firstly, it boasts an ergonomic handle, so that the vessel can be easily placed and removed from the hot plate.  Secondly, it is made out of glass in order to facilitate the eye contact of the user with the meal without needing to lift it; this prevents also the heat loss that takes place every time the cap is removed.

Both the main part of the vessel and its lid are made out of stainless steel 18/10 (304); the main part is 0.7 mm thick and the lid 0.6 mm. The triple storage heating base made of aluminum 3.5 to 6 mm thick and a magnetic steel made of the material 430, aid the heat to be spread rapidly and be maintained for longer time as well. This way cooking demands less time and so less energy.

Cook fast, cook efficient, cook more….

A small colander allows the user to deal with several ingredients without interrupting the preparation of the main meal. This way, the preparation of a meal takes place using less energy in comparison with the traditional cooking methods, even if a meal consists of a great variety of ingredients.

Cook fast, cook efficient, cook more….

The casserall timer is another additional gadget that aims to optimize the energy efficiency of this cooking pot. It is capable of regulating the cooking time of each meal according to a number of data such as the ingredients, the energy source, the number of the portions etc. In addition to this, it notifies the user when a meal is ready so he can continue with the preparation of the next one.

Casserall timer boasts a modern design; its base is non slip, made of aluminum and it works with 2 AA batteries.

Cook fast, cook efficient, cook more….

In order to keep up with the needs of the modern world, the casserall app comes to complete this unique product. By using this special application, the user manages to prepare a wide range of recipes with the aid of a virtual chef.

Thus everyone can prepare meals like a professional cook while saving a great amount of energy.


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