has participates in several  R&D projects in the very comprehensive field of automotive. Our automotive experience counts over one decade of participations in industry projects and in the research field as well. Working from sketch, step by step, keeping  the OEM specification’s at the forefront ,until the final product, using state of the art solutions in the development cycle we assist our partner to develop comprehensive products.

Engineering demands vision


Start from a white napkin using pencils and colors we sketching forms that blend characteristics as functionality and futurism. We help our partners to shape their ideas and present their distinctive values and the character of their brand.

Surface design:

Based on our deep experience in design, we blend it with the state of the art CAD software in order to design aesthetically pleasing forms. Our surface design experience includes exterior shapes such as full concept car, lighting systems, alloy wheels, roof rails and also interior shapes such us entertainment systems, buttons, handles and plastic covers.

Design for manufacture:

Using our mechanical knowledge we are able to assist you in the development of your product . We have knowledge of manufacturing design based on OEM specifications, in automotive Aluminum and plastic components, their design, functionality and production. Working on our CAD and CAE methods we investigate several design scenarios in order to optimize your product.

Assembly design: 

Taking order the manufacturer requirements we undertake full assemblies and employ high end techniques in order to identify problems and give solutions during the developing process. Using kinematics, tolerance and distance analysis we ensure that the final product will be functional.

Die cast :

We are experienced in the development of die cast aluminum parts such as sub chassis components, knuckles and control arms. Following the manufacturer specifications, the tooling and finishing requirements  we prepare parts for production by designing -improving  the part draft angle, the wall thickness and their additional features with respect to strength and stiffness. We have involved in the development of aluminum die cast parts for leading European automotive manufactures.

Ergonomics & packaging:

Using automotive leading software we are able to implement ergonomic analysis and packaging studies. Ergonomic analysis are based on human body characteristics (driver, passengers) which are simulated by virtual human dummies. Packaging studies aim at optimal space occupation and part arrangement.

Safety systems:

We have participated in the development of safety systems for leading European automotive manufacturer. Our experience concentrates in the development of a module which contains cameras (stereo camera, multipurpose camera, night view camera) and sensors (distance and speed sensor, GPS) that allows the car to drive autonomous.

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