Haris K. Founder – Product Developer

He believes that the business future in Greece is prosperous, “You just have to cultivate new ideas and harvest business opportunities”

Haris’ core value is that design is based on evoking emotions which can be analysed and then captured to innovative products, led him to found PHiTECH.

PHiTECH is a vision where different ideas from different mindsets will be sculpted and realised

Haris brings forward 15 years of solid experience in innovation and new products development. His wide working experience started within the competitive European automotive industry, the development and production of several components and safety systems, all fulfilling restricted ergonomical criteria and providing the best possible solution within the client’s constraints.

Always informed and interested in 3D printing and Virtual Reality technologies Haris tries to merge the idea with the final product.

As a restless spirit he is always “digging” for new engineering technologies and innovations.

Haris skills:

Attention to detail
Decision making

Haris favorite moto:

If You Want Something You’ve Never Had, You Have To Do Something You’ve Never Done

Haris hobbies:

Design, bike, photography, running

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