Nikos L. Senior Product & Material Engineer

Nikos is an adaptable and innovative Product Design and Materials Engineer. With a breadth of 15 years of experience in European industries, he is seeking new challenges in order to utilise his technical and project management skillset.

He has previously as a Project Engineer in R n D for various industries such as the automotive, polymer injection/extrusion moulding and aluminum casting. He has lead the product development of precision engineered metallic bellows, flexible joints and duct assemblies for aircraft ECU systems from fabricated and machined components in stainless steels, nickel alloys, aluminium and titanium. Nikos’ domain of expertise lies on the conceptual design, product development, rapid prototyping, design for manufacturing, troubleshooting of existing designs and tooling design in accordance to the international aviation standards and the customers’ specifications.

Further fields included into his skillset are 3D modelling and drafting, FEA, optimisation, report generation and project management for aircraft and development products.

Nikos is also responsible for the materials selection, communication with suppliers, testing of materials and products, metallographic examination and failure analysis.

Nikos skills:

Product Development
Prototyping & Manufacturing
Optimization & Quality Test
Project Management
Problem solving

Nikos favorite moto:

Make it simple, make it work.

Nikos hobbies:

DIY, bike, trekking, diving

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