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The first step prior to manufacture an innovative product is to conduct an effective research. This research is an essential component of the final result. First of all we ascertain the novelty of the idea/ product (patent research), then we explore the existing market field in order to establish the competitors, the technological level etc (market research) and afterwards we structure a detailed plan (brainstorming) testing and comparing diverse concepts in order to find the one that meets all of the criteria and will lead us to an innovative – highly sophisticated product that market will love (development process).


Industrial Design is a challenging methodical process, which demands besides knowledge also creativity, ingenuity, vision and skill.Our main goal is to manufacture well made, functional, consumer-attractive, cost- competitive and eco-friendly products which meet the objectives of our clients along with the consumers needs.We are passionate about design either it concerns developing a brand- new concept or improving an already existing object in a revolutionary way.


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Our engineering team is working closely  with the design team during the development. This ensure that our inspired designs comes to a full functional product that can be manufactured. Engineering knowledge is very important in order to remove every unnecessary cent from the manufacturing. WE are trying to find mechanical design solutions  on critical issues for each product.

  • Assembly 
  • FEA & CFD
  • Ergonomics
  • Materials
  • Manufacturing drawings
  • Tolerance Analysis


Virtual Prototyping is the first visual contact of our customer with the shaping product; more specifically with the complete digital model of his product. In fact it is the photorealistic render of a product developed with special techniques and specific methods. In addition to this Virtual Prototyping is a significant tool, which can make a product distinguish among the crowd. Every innovative idea needs to be framed by an impressive presentation (Investor Presentation, Business Plans, meetings etc.); therefore we produce photorealistic renders and real life animations in order to ensure that the first impression will be nothing less than excellent.




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A prototype is the first tangible contact with your idea/ invention. It is the transition from Digital Mock-Up (DMU) to Physical Mock-Up (PMU). Prototyping confirms the effectiveness of the product design and enables us to get a closer look at every single aspect of the product; i.e. among other things the ergonomics, the functionality, the aesthetic quality and the interaction with the user. The preparation of the prototypes takes place in- house, in our specialized lab. Our high-end equipment along with our experience in this field enables us to develop finest prototypes from the simplest to the most complicated model.

We strongly believe that every brilliant innovative idea has to be patent- protected. Therefore after making sure that we deal with an indeed novel idea (this will be proven through a detailed patent research) we carry on with the patent application. We compose and file on your behalf a provisional application for patent. With this title of protection the idea will be recognized and legally protected as intellectual property of its inventor for the next twenty years. Phitech owns its own impressive patent portfolio and has a first-hand experience in product patent protection.

In collaboration with the Hellenic Industrial Property Organisation (wwww.obi.gr), the only legally qualified institution for the protection of inventions and industrial designs. 



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